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License Upgrade

Hello and thank you for upgrading your Internal Link Master license.

There is 1 more step you need to carry out in order to get your license upgrade ready. Please follow the step below: –

Step 1:

Please reply to the email that you received which had the checkout link for this upgrade and confirm that you have completed the upgrade payment


Once we have received your confirmation email, we will manually upgrade your license. We will then email you to let you know that your license has been upgraded.

We will complete this as soon as we can so that you won’t have to wait long. The wait time is typically within 24 hours.


Please don’t cancel your initial subscription. Your upgrade has taken in to account that you already have a live subscription in place and the cost for this upgrade has been discounted accordingly.

It will mean that you now have 2 subscription payments: –

1: Your initial subscription

2: Your upgraded subscription

We hope that makes sense

Thank you once again for your custom.


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