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Internal Links: How To Remove Them In WordPress

Most websites use internal links. Whether you have a commerce website, blog site or portfolio site, you’ll need internal links to help your visitors understand where to go when they hit your homepage. However, there may be times when you want to remove an internal link from a page or post. In these instances, you should follow the instructions in the following video: –

Why Remove Internal Links?

You might want to remove internal links from a page or post on your website for the following reasons: –

  • You simply don’t want the link that any more
  • The page or post you are linking to no longer exists
  • You have a page or post that is more relevant than the one the link is currently pointing to
  • You want to rectify the keyword Cannibalization

How to Remove Internal Links in WordPress

To remove an internal link, from a page/post on a WordPress website, simply carry out the following steps: –

  1. Open the page/post containing the internal link you want to remove in the WordPress editor
  2. Highlight the key phrase that has the internal link with your mouse.
  3. A box will appear containing the internal link URL. You should now click on the broken link symbol. The internal link will now be removed
  4. Click the Update button to update the page/post

If you want to add an internal link on the page/post, you can follow the steps in the post titled “How to add an internal link”

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