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Internal Links: How To Add Them In WordPress

Chris Cantell

Whether you own a business website, blog site or portfolio site, you’ll need to create links within your pages in order to direct your visitors to the right place to answer their questions or find the things they need.

Step By Step: How to Add An Internal Link

Here is a step by step layout of how to add an internal link to a page or post on a WordPress website: –

  1. Go to the WordPress post editor of the page/post you want to add an internal link
  2. Highlighting a relevant word or phrase that you want to use as your internal link.
  3. Click the link icon in the toolbar (You could also do this by holding ‘ctrl + K’ or ‘command + K.’)
  4. Then paste the URL into the box that has opened. This will be the page / post that you want the visitor to land on when they click on the internal link
  5. If you want the page/post to open in a new tab, you should click the gear icon and then click the “open in a new tab” box on the panel that opens
  6. Then click the “Add Link” button
  7. If you don’t want the page/post to open in a new tab, you can ignore item 5 and just click the apply button that is on the right-hand side of the box
  8. Click the Update button to update the page/post

WordPress couldn’t make linking to internal pages simpler. All you need to do is consider which pages are most important to your consumer and also help you to drive traffic to the right areas of your website to reach your goals.

If you want to find out how to remove an internal link from a page/post, you can follow the steps in the post titled “How to remove an internal link”

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