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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions relating to the Internal Link Master plugin, please read the frequently asked questions section below.

If you have any questions that are not answered in this section, please use the adjacent contact form and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply to your question.

Are There Really No Ongoing Annual Costs?▼

That’s correct, there are no ongoing annual costs. You only pay once when you purchase the plugin.

How Good Are The Link Suggestions?▼

The Internal Link Master scans the content of all of your pages and posts and provides link suggestions that are relevant. There are 3 levels of sensitivity incorporated in the plugin. The lowest sensitivity provides extremely relevant link suggestions which is what you want.

Will This Plugin Help My Posts Rank On Google?▼

The purpose of the Internal Link Master is to place internal links throughout your website, linking your pages and posts. It is a fact and has been proven that internal links help improve rank on Google because the internal links distribute and pass on any acquired power and authority from your pages and posts to other pages and posts.

As your site gains more backlinks from other websites, they pass on power and authority to the pages / posts they link to on your site. This boosts the page authority of those pages which is a known ranking factor in Google.

The internal links from the plugin will pass on power and authority from those pages and posts that have received the backlinks from the other sites which provides an SEO boost for the pages and posts that the Internal Link Master links to.

In summary then, although we can’t guarantee the plugin will increase your rank because other factors apply such as the strength of your competition etc, the plugin will provide the necessary assistance to enable increase in rank.

Will The Internal Link Master Slow My Site Down?▼

You should not notice any reduction in speed from installing the Internal Link Master plugin. The plugin has been coded to be ultra-lightweight. In addition to this, any links that the plugin adds do not require communication from any page / post that is loading on a visitor’s browser, so you won’t notice any slowdown as a result of having the Internal Link Master installed on your site.

How Hard Is It To Remove Links The Plugin Has Added?▼

The Internal Link Master has a central panel that enables you to remove any internal link that the plugin has added. Every link that is on the site is shown on this central panel and you can remove any link at the press of a button.

If you want to bulk remove a large number of links that the plugin has added (for whatever reason), this can also be done in seconds

What Can I Do If The Link Suggestions Are Not Relevant?▼

The Internal Link Master will provide relevant link suggestions if they are present on your site. However, if the content on your site is not particularly related to each other (a lifestyle blog for example where the posts are typically about non-related topics), then there is not going to be much relevance between posts, so the internal links suggested may not be particularly relevant in these situations.

You can help increase relevance by adding a key range of phrases for your various posts and that often helps provide greater relevant suggestions. But if the posts on your site are not related in any way, then there is no way to make the internal links relevant, whether using the plugin or by adding them manually.

Basically, the plugin will be equally as accurate as if you were carrying out your internal linking manually, only it will be infinitely simpler, faster and more thorough.

If you would struggle to find relevance on your site manually, the plugin will struggle too but if your site’s content is related, then the link suggestions should be impressively relevant

Will The Plugin Work On A Small Website?▼

The Internal Link Master will work on any size site. The more pages and post the site has, the more powerful the plugin will be for the site, because there will be more linking opportunities.

If your website only has a tiny number of pages and posts (less than 10 for example), then there may not be that many linking opportunities unless the content on your site is all highly related to each other (I.E: All your pages and posts are in a focused niche / topic).

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?▼

When you purchase the Internal Link Master plugin, you automatically get a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you wish to have a refund during this period, just send in a support ticket and request a refund.

If I Cancel Or Uninstall The Plugin, What Will Happen To The Links?▼

If you cancel or uninstall the Internal Link Master, nothing will happen to the links that have been added. They will remain in place.

What Sites Can I Use The Internal Link Master On?▼

The Internal Link Master is a WordPress plugin and can be used on any self-hosted website that has WordPress installed on it.

Will The Plugin Work In Any Language?▼

The Internal Link Master has been designed to work with any of the following languages: –

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Czech
  • Arabic

We can also add languages if you would like to purchase the plug-in and your language isn’t in this list.

How Do I Upgrade To Get More Licenses?▼

If you currently have an Internal Link Master license and you want to increase the number of sites you can add the plugin on, you will need to upgrade your license. To do this, simply contact support and tell them how many licenses you want and they will send you a custom link so you can upgrade.

Is There Any Training For Using The Plugin?▼

When you purchase the Internal Link Master, you will receive login details where you can login to the members area of the plugin website. There, you will find easy to follow, over the shoulder videos showing you exactly how to use the plugin.

Can I Get An Invoice For My Purchase?▼

There are two ways of getting your invoice: –

  1. When you purchased the Internal Link Master, you will have been emailed a full invoice. You can go to that email and download it.
  2. The other way to get your invoice is to log in to the members area and on the dashboard, click on the “Customer Hub” button. You will be able to download your invoice/s from there
How Do I Remove A Licence From A Website I Have?▼

If you have used an internal link master licence on a website and you no longer need the plug-in installed on that website, you can free up your licence from that site. Simply follow these steps: –

  1. Click on the internal link master link in the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then click on the licence link.
  3. When the page refreshes, simply click on the red deactivate button. This will deactivate the licence from the website.

You should then login to your internal link master member site and click on the “manage sites” link in the dashboard. You will see a list of sites that your plug-in is installed on. Simply click the deactivate link that is on the same row as the site you wanted deactivate in on.

This will now free up a licence so you can install the plug-in on a different website.

Can I Add Internal Links To Draft Posts?▼

Yes, you can add internal links to draft posts. When you have completed the page / post, simply click the save button to save as draft. Then the Internal Link Master will provide all the link suggestions etc.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?▼

It is simple to cancel your Internal Link Master plugin subscription. Simply log in to the members area and on the dashboard, click on the “Customer Hub” button. You will be able to cancel your subscription from there

Are There Any Conflicts With Other WordPress Plugins?▼

The Internal Link Master has been expertly coded and structured to avoid plugin conflicts. We are not aware of any conflicts with other plugins.

I Want To Remove All The Internal Link Master Data From My Site – How Do I Do This?▼

There is a button inside the plugin settings panel labelled: “Delete Data on Uninstall”. Click that button and then deactivate and uninstall the Internal Link Master from your site

Can I Transfer My License From One Site To Another Site?▼

Yes, you can. You can manage your licences from the dashboard of the Internal Link Master website. Simply log in and click the manage sites button and deactivate the plugin from the site you want to remove the license from.

Does The Internal Link Master Link More Than Once To The Same Post From Another Post?▼

No, by default, the plugin will not link more than once from any page or post to the same other page or post. However, if you want to change this default setting, you can do so in the settings panel.

Will The Internal Link Master Add Internal Links To Headings?▼

No, the plugin won’t add or suggest internal links to be added to and headings. In addition to this, the Internal Link Master won’t add links to and post titles, widgets, site headers or footers and it won’t add any internal links to any sentence that already has an internal link.

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