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Affiliate Program

Earn A Massive 50% Commission As An Affiliate For Internal Link Master

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Note: You are signing up as an affiliate for a single license Internal Link Master Plugin. Once you join as an affiliate, you will be upgraded to be an affiliate for ALL license packages

Affiliate Sales Overview

As an affiliate for Internal Link Master, you will get your own sales overview page which you can log in to and check your affiliate sales results.

You will be able to customize the overview report and find out how many sales you make for any day, week or month.

Affiliate Commission Overview

The affiliate sales report panel will detail the commission that is due as well as the commission that has been paid via an easy-to-use report panel

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I run an online marketing business and I need the best and most up to date SEO toolsand strategies. Internal linking is an essential SEO process that I apply to all my sites as well as my client sites, so when I came across the Internal Link Master plugin, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

The plugin is really well coded. It's lightweight and simple to use. Most importantly though, the internal links that the plugin suggests are spot on.

I love the automation and the flexibility that the plugin gives me, and it makes adding internal links to my existing and new content effortless.

Not only that, but the developers are quality people with a long and respected history in the SEO space.

This plugin is powerful, and I give it a strong recommendation.

Rudy Labordus

Affiliate Pay Outs

A 50% affiliate commissions will be paid automatically to your PayPal address 14 days after each affiliate sale you have made.

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Note: You are signing up as an affiliate for a single license Internal Link Master Plugin. The affiliate link lands on the Internal Link Master Home page and you will automatically get 50% commission on any of the 4 license sales packages.