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Powerful Automated Internal Linking Plugin For WordPress

Improve Your Sites Rank on Google

Automate Relevant Internal Linking Across Your Entire Site FAST!

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Internal Links Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Visibility

Increase your overall rank on Google and get more leads and sales

Spread The Power

Add relevant Internal Links to the pages and posts of your website at the click of a button to effectively spread power & authority across your entire site.

Increased Rankings

Spreading power to other pages & posts increases rank on Google. Also, the internal links assist visitor navigation which assists CTR (a core search engine ranking factor).

Increased Leads & Sales

Increased rank on Google means more visitors. More visitors to your site with improved visitor navigation means you get more leads and more sales.

Why Automate Internal Linking?

Internal linking is essential for SEO and increase rankings. However, it is extremely challenging to carry out effective internal linking manually. Especially if you have a large website


A Powerful WordPress Plugin That Automates Relevant Internal Linking FAST Whilst You Remain in Full Control


“The Internal Link Master Is Without Doubt, One Of The Most Powerful WordPress SEO Plug-Ins Ever Developed.

The automation is remarkable and the internal link suggestions provided are extremely relevant.

I give this plugin my highest recommendation”

John Pearce
SEO Breakthrough

Powerful Features

The Internal Link Master is exceptionally powerful, yet simple to use. The details below provide just some of the comprehensive features available.

Automated Linking

Enter specific keywords and press a button. The plugin then adds internal links to relevant pages & posts.

Detailed Reporting

The “Links Report” panel provides comprehensive details of ALL internal & external links across the site.

Error Detection

This panel identifies link errors (broken links / 404). The plugin enables you to fix or remove these links.

External Link Management

The Internal Link Master provides full reporting & edit functionality with the ability to add important external link tags at the press of a button.

Full Control

Have full control over ALL links that get added to the site. You can edit any aspect of any link as well as delete any link with the press of a button.

Internal Link Management

From a central panel, you can select any URL and check details of all internal links present. You can add, edit or delete any links in seconds.

Relevant Link Suggestions

In addition to automated linking, the plugin identifies relevant contextual internal link suggestions that you can edit and add at the click of a mouse.

Simple To Use

The Internal Link Master is simple to use. There are also multiple short detailed “over the shoulder” Video Tutorials that take you through each process, step by step.

Versatile Settings

The Internal Link Master comes with a fully set up default settings. Each setting is customizable for those that want to adjust specifics.


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I run a successful SEO agency and know the vital importance of internal linking. However, this plugin far surpassed my expectations in functionality. Not only does it place highly relevant internal links throughout the site, but it also identifies and fixes a number of SEO issues that you could easily overlook or not even know were present.

This plugin is an essential SEO tool that anyone who has a WordPress website should have. I give it my highest recommendation.

Tony Adams
Sydney SEO Partners


Automatically add relevant internal links

Option to only link to other posts in the same category / tag

Premium email support

Error detection panel

Full edit control over ALL outbound external links & tags

Orphan post panel

Add inbound & outbound internal links as you create your content

Add internal links to draft posts

Set page / post importance for optimal linking

Add / custom edit relevant internal link suggestions

Auto prevent internal linking on specific pages / posts

Detailed links report panel

Detailed statistics dashboard

MOZ API connected for domain / page authority metric analysis

Internal linkURL control panel

Add important external link tags as you create content

Comprehensive settings panel

Multiple short detailed “over the shoulder” Video Tutorials


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I run an online marketing business and I need the best and most up to date SEO toolsand strategies. Internal linking is an essential SEO process that I apply to all my sites as well as my client sites, so when I came across the Internal Link Master plugin, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

The plugin is really well coded. It's lightweight and simple to use. Most importantly though, the internal links that the plugin suggests are spot on.

I love the automation and the flexibility that the plugin gives me, and it makes adding internal links to my existing and new content effortless.

Not only that, but the developers are quality people with a long and respected history in the SEO space.

This plugin is powerful, and I give it a strong recommendation.

Rudy Labordus

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Chris Cantell’s knowledge and SEO strategies have always worked for me and provided great rankings on Google.

When I found out he had developed an internal links plugin, I got it without hesitation. Let me tell you, that this plugin is unbelievably powerful and effective. I was already getting good rankings for many of my pages, but now, even those that weren’t ranking so well have increased in rank and several on page 1 of Google. Well done Chris and thank you for developing such an amazing SEO tool.

CEO,Entertainment Industry